June 2011

Last Supper X

Project by Loek Grootjans & Rob Moonen, serving a last supper to 48 selected guests and 2 pigs. 

(4 course vegetarian dinner including water & wine, cooked by Jan-Hein van Melis)

Admittance to the evening strictly by personal mail invitation.

With contributions from Laurens ten Kate, Nick J Swarth, Jan Hein van Melis, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Chris Manders, Georges Bataille, Silvio Berlusconi, Matteüs of Alfeüs, Frans Zwartjes, Rob Moonen, Loek Grootjans and others.

The remains of the evening and the footage of the 4 installed surveillance camera's were transformed into an installation that was open for public viewings at Ruimte X Tilburg